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Anonymous sent: Do you agree with people say britney cant dance anymore, Only move her hands? I dont. I think she still tries really hard but what about you?

I have no idea… at times I think she just doesn’t want to perform anymore, to be honest. I’m not one of those people who believe she’s been dancing like she always has. I didn’t like the Femme Fatale DVD because it looked like she was putting such an effort to even move (My friend attended the concert here in Brazil and said she was amazing, so it could have been just that specific show. I don’t know). I can think of a bunch of reasons as to why she hasn’t danced like she used to: her awful knee (people with knee issues know how lame they are whenever exercising. My mother goes through hell with her right knee everytime she tries something new at the gym and there are things she’s not even allowed to do), axiety issues (which I’m absolutely positive she has), lack of confidence (I can relate to this and it would be a good explanation). She’s still got it in her though, I’ll never forget that god forsaken “Mannequin” rehearsal. I’m still not over the fact that she never perfomed that, the whole coreography was freaking flawless - and she was wearing tennis shoes. Screw those hills.

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Britney Spears | Dream Within a Dream Tour | 2001/2002

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numbanddreamy sent: I'm like in love with your blog! keep up the good work! brit brit <3

Thank you so much! :’-)

vicislifeinbinary sent: cool blog <3 where's ur background from? :)

Oh God, I’m so sorry it took me this long to reply! I’ve made the background myself! :-)

So I finally decided to watch Justin Bieber’s new music video, “Boyfriend”, and I still can’t believe it… NSYNC rip off much?? TERRIBLE! How come people aren’t complaining about that? It actually annoyed me to no end! I feel like my childhood’s been violated by a teenager popstar lol. (?)